Gambare Japan Pins feat. HOPE JAPAN

‎'Gambare Japan' pins Now On Sale at 'HOPE JAPAN' from New York! All profits and donations are going to American Red Cross for victims in Japan.

'頑張れニッポン'のピンバッジがニューヨーク発のオンラインショップ 'HOPE JAPAN' より発売されました。すべての利益はアメリカの赤十字を通して義援金として寄付されます。

[About 'HOPE JAPAN']
HOPE is a non-profit designer's group to support Earthquake, Tsunami and Radiation disaster victims in Japan. Each artist through personal expense designs a pin and donates it to HOPE. All profits and donations to HOPE will be paid to American Red Cross for victims in Japan in full."

HOPE JAPAN Blog >> http://www.hopejp.blogspot.com/

Hope Japan is now listed on NY Cares for Japan.

Please get one at http://hopejp.wazala.com/ !!!

よろしければ是非 http://hopejp.wazala.com/ よりご購入ください!


  1. Thank you for your support! Gambare Japan pins has been sold out! But it's coming back on early next week! Please wait a moment! お陰様で頑張れニッポンバッジは現在品切れ中!しかし追加制作中ですのでしばしお待ち下さい。来週早々には入荷予定です!

  2. Gambare Japan Pins NOW ON SALE!!!! バッジ入荷してます!是非ご購入ください!